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'Paperplanes' is the latest animated short film by Totem Creative Studios. Done completely in 2D hand drawn animation style and full of colours, Paperplanes looks at an Indian classroom setting with all its chaos and quirks, and subsequently the learning that takes place within the walls.


In a primary school classroom, a fun filled, hyper mischievous, noisy bunch of 4th graders are caught off-guard as the teacher walks in unannounced; followed by a surprise test of creativity and character. Will all of them complete it in time?


No matter where you grew up in India, as kids we all had some unique and yet surprisingly common experiences.  Certain commonalities that we all shared, similar benches, similar classroom arrangement, the posters on the walls. We wanted to capture this in the film and create a world(Classroom) where people could just step in and feel like their younger self again. Through the visual treatment, we wanted to make this experience rich and authentic, filled with fond memories.


The film revolves around a bunch of 4th graders and an apparently strict teacher. Each character has a distinct personality and drive; which explores the different perspectives and celebrates individuality. Besides the students, the classroom itself is a character that we wanted to explore in the film.


The film is currently is travelling around the globe, making several stops at different national and international film festivals.


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