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MAYA is an animated music video on the track - 'I Can't Wait', by Siames, an Argentinian electro-pop rock band. In early 2020, we had an idea of a man trekking through mountains, streams and caves in search of the voice haunting his dreams and visions. We wanted to work on something more heavy on art and environment, and thought this would be a great challenge for us. Since we wanted have complete creative control over the project, we decided to develop the idea further and produce it independently. 

The film directed by Arvind Jeena and assisted by Ashish Phadke - delves into a fantasty world of strange lands mystical forests.


A film by Totem Creative
Track: I Can't Wait

Direction, Story: Arvind Singh Jeena
Assistant Direction: Ashish Phadke
Storyboards & Animatic: Ashish Phadke
Art Direction: Nikhita Prabhudesai, Ashish Phadke
Layout Design: Ashish Phadke

Background design: Ashish Phadke, Nikhita Prabhudesai
Ashish Phadke, Gaurav Dhaimodkar

FX Animation:  Ashish Phadke, Gaurav Dhaimodkar

Production Interns: 
Backgrounds: Varun Bala, Richa Mehta, Rahul Iyer

FX Animation : Arnav Gaikwad, Elisha Bansode, Riyaaz Roy
Cleanup & Colour: Arnav Gaikwad, Elisha Bansode, Shreshth Vyas


Animation is an arduous process with thousands of hours soaked into a single minute of animation. A final piece of animation, therefore, often does not do justice to the collective efforts gone into creating it, no matter how beautiful the end product is. We are currently working on an 'Art of' book - a first in our intiatives to bring this magical and multilayered process closer to the audience, so they can enjoy it even more.

The book will contain everything from final artworks to initial scribbles and sketchy notes that helped in the final animation. It will also take you through the design process and creative decision making on a project like this. Follow us on our
Instagram for updates on the book.


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