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Kissan's Peanut Butter is one of the latest additions to the range of products. We were thrilled to be brought on board by the awesome folks at Dynamite Design to produce the 2D animation for this TV Spot.
A trio of cute squirrels look for peanuts underground in search for protein, until Kissan (farmer) shows them where the real protein is - Kissan peanut butter! The ad has aired in Tamil, Telugu and Malayam. 

This is by far the most fun we have had working on a project!


Client : Hindustan Unilever
Brand : Kissan
Agency : Lowe Lintas

Production House : Dynamite Design
Storyboarding, Visual Development : Rajiv Eipe (Plankton Collective)
2D Animation production : Totem Creative

Creative team at Totem :
Background design: 
Nikhita Prabhudesai
Animation supervision : Arvind Jeena
Animators : Gaurav Dhaimodkar, Ashish Phadke

Above, Kissan's and the Squirrels' character designs done by the talented folks at Plankton Collective.

The Kissan Peanut Butter film is the fourth in the series, having a pre-designed visual style and character designs. The biggest challenge in this film was to make sure the film's visual and animation style was consistent with the older films Plankton had produced. Below are some initial tests our team tried with Kissan. 


We had such a good time painting the backgrounds for this film. The foliage and trees have very unique shapes and forms, with an overall warm summery colour palette, in-line with Kissan as a brand.