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Aplopio is a tech company that's focused on solving problems in hiring. Recruiterbox is their primary software product that simplifies hiring for companies. The application has an inbuilt AI system called 'Dinobot' that helps users navigate through the software and resolves any issues with usage. We were brought on board to design a mascot for the Artificial Intelligence - 'Dino'; a chirpy, curious, smart and helpful Dinosaur. 

The selected design was to be a mix of #2 and #5. His features were very friendly and approachable.

We tried some colour variations and accessories for Dino, and the yellow went the best with the brand's values and personality. 

Dino was designed various poses for usage in collaterals like stickers, magnets as well as emojis on the UI. Dino was so well loved that he became an integral part of the office space to give the team company during meetings, brainstorming and chai sessions!

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