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'Blue Monkey Films' Title animation, designed and animated by our team at Totem.
The animation features a hyper animated, character of blue monkey taking the centre stage, all set to leave a big mark.

The logo animation was first included and featured before the film 'A Thursday', along with the iconic titles like RSVP films.

Client : Blue Monkey Films
Creative Director: Rohit Vaid
Production House: Totem Creative

Creative team at Totem:
Animation Direction : Arvind Jeena
Storyboards & Visual Development: Nikhita Prabhudesai
Character Design & Animation : Gaurav Dhaimodkar


The concept was thought out by Mr. Rahul Vaidh (Director of BlueMonkeyFilms) himself. The idea was to build a certain mystery around this yet to be revealed character, and also bring the mischief and madness into the scene. A mix of humour and Bollywood style action seemed like the perfect combination for our hero's entry. 

Another technical challenge was making sure the animated character closely followed to the one in the logo, so the two can seamlessly come together in the end. 



Reference sketch for the colour palette & blending modes.

A way for us to render the animation to look consistent with the visual treatment.

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