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An illustrated eBook created by Totem for Anthra, an NGO aiming to educate the Dhangar community in the state of Maharashtra on the welfare of their horses, and create awareness of this small community to the world.

The style of illustrations was designed to engage with the rural dhangar community. The PDF was originally published in Marathi for smartphones (yes! Believe it or not, these nomadic people are very tech savvy) and tablets (for the on-ground Anthra volunteers).

In these nomadic communities, the women are usually responsible for taking care of the animals, especially the horses. So it was natural for us to have our protagonist as a woman - Banna Bai, so that the reader would identify themselves with the characters in the story.

Another challenge was to provide technically correct information about the horses whilst retaining the illustrative style; but we were thrilled to hear that the readers had taken very positively to the eBook. 


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